Bird Bites Birdie Bagel 3" Tube for Parrots (6 Pack)

Item#: FT031

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Give your bird a taste of "New York" with these Bird Bite Birdie Bagel Tubes Birds love to chew and tear apart these great non-toxic birdie bagel cardboard tubes which are perfect for the industrious shredder and bird chewer. You can use these birdie bagel tubes as a foot toy or add them to your birds favorite bird toys. Our birds just love these as a daily Foot Toy treat. It keeps them busy for hours. Also, you can add a special treat inside and see your feathered friend spend hours foraging through the Birdie Bite tube to find their special reward. Bird Bite Birdie Bagel Tubes are 1" in diameter with a 3/4" center hole and 3" in length Set of 6 - Bird Bite Birdie Bagel Tubes Ideal for Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus', Pionus', Cockatoos and Macaws and all similar sized birds.
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