Bird Foot Toys
Sometimes birds just love to hold something in their foot or beak.

Foot toys give birds that chance to watch us "humans" run to pick up a birdy foot toy that they have just dropped.

What better fun for a bird! Our bird foot toys are great for all size birds.

Please Note: Colors and plastic items may vary depending on availability   Click on pictures below for more detail
Matching Products: 42
Yucca Parrot Chips
Code: KK20021
$12.99   $16.99

Hopping Frogs Bird Foot Toy (Set of 13)
Code: FT004
$1.59   $2.59

Puffy Sea Life Bird Foot Toy (Set of 13)
Code: FT005
$1.99   $3.29

FunTime Bears Bird Foot Toy (Set of 13)
Code: FT015
$3.59   $4.99

Medium Dumbell Bird Foot Toy
Code: FT016
$2.79   $4.99

Medium Dumbell Deluxe Bird Foot Toy
Code: FT017
$3.79   $5.99

Sea Tubbies Bird Foot Toy (Set of 13)
Code: FT006
$7.99   $11.99

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