Foraging Bird Toys
Birds naturally forage for their food in the wild.

It is important that our domestic birdies enjoy foraging at home.

These bird foraging toys are great at keeping your feathered friends interested while they learn to do what comes naturally to them in the wild.

Benefits of Foraging Toys:
  • Keeps your feathered friend busy...alleviates boredom
  • Challenges your bird to look for his food
  • Gives your bird physical activity as he works at finding his food
  • Develops problem solving skills which most birds learn in the wild
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Matching Products: 16
Parrot's Treasure Foraging Bird Toy
Code: NI-24280
$22.99   $29.99

Turn N' Learn Logs Foraging Bird Toy
Code: NI-24282
$22.99   $29.99

Tiki Takeout Large Dowel Refill
Code: CTC-24301
$5.99   $8.99

Tiki Takeout Small Dowel Refill
Code: CTC-24302
$3.99   $6.99

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