Extra Small Natural Hardwood Perch for Parakeets and Lovebirds 6"

Item#: PPP50488

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This natural hardwood bird perch is a must have for all size birds. All domesticated birds need a variety of perches in their cage in order to promote healthy feet and leg muscles. In the wild, birds have many different tree branches that they can perch on in order to stimulate their muscles. Our domesticated birds need the same option in their homes(cages). I placed this all natural hardwood perch right near my parakeet Snowy's food bowl so that when she eats she has the feeling that she is in the wild. Hardwood bird perch measures 6" L - 3/4" diameter and is made from Dragon wood also known as Ribbon wood. Ideal hardwood bird perch for Parakeets, Small Lovebirds, Small Parrotlets, Finches, Canaries and...all similar sized birds
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