Iggy (Timneh African Grey) - Massachusetts

Dear Fun Time Birdy- Iggy, our Timneh, was very pleased with the toys that my Mom ordered for him as a welcome home present. It was so thoughtful of you to write a welcome note right on the box! Your site looks great, and I know we will order more from you in the future. Here, Iggy demonstrates how he keeps his new family safe from all harm by ridding the world of predators- one plastic dinosaur at a time. Best, Jonathan, Stefanie and Iggy (Timneh African Grey)- Massachusetts

We got our second order from you today. Wow, talk about fast shipping! Iggy is really happy, and my 10 year old daughter Meret said "Fun Time Birdy ROCKS! We are SO ordering all our stuff from there!" Smart girl! I think she's right.You have our permission to use that as your new slogan if you like. Thanks again Jonathan, Meret and Iggy (Timneh African Grey) - Massachusetts

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