Scuttlebutt (African Grey) - Texas

Hello again Ann, Great news!! After a careful, and very thorough risk analysis, Scuttlebutt has deemed the Willow Tree Play gym a worthy (and preferred) replacement to the top of his cage. He really likes the paper roll (I told him he would...why couldn't he just trust me on that??). He picks at the keys and doesn't yet chew on the willow tree, but I think that's because he has a case of "delicate princess beak" and only likes to chew on things made for Cockatiels. I've attached a few pictures of him playing on it-- they aren't the greatest because every time he sees my iphone he goes nuts and wants to chew it so I have to be fast!! Thanks again for the play gym and have a great weekend! Heather and Scuttlebutt (African Grey) - Texas

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