Jesse and Fletcher (Blue Fronted Amazon and African Grey) - New York

When I was at the Long Island Parrot Show last month, I always check out the toys etc...for my seminar on "Teaching Your Bird to Play". I found your play gym at one of the booths and loved it! I have been looking for something that I could use in my computer room that wasn't so big that it took up all the room, but would still be great for all my birds Well when I saw this I was delighted! To me it is the best play gym I have seen! Everything is at eye level for the birds...and they are at a good height for me! Here are some pics of my guys on it while I am at the computer! As I said this is GREAT and my guys all love it! Nancy Sheffer, Jesse and Fletcher (Blue Fronted Amazon and Congo African Grey)and entire Flock - New York

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