Kermie (Yellow Naped Amazon) - Mississippi

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Hello Ann, Thank you for your e-mail and for checking on your service, that says a lot about you and your company. I was very pleased with the service I received. I have a 2 yr old Yellow Naped Amazon, his name is Kermie.He loves his new toys, he has just about finished off the Dino toy, he liked to chew those all into little bits. I saw your ad in one of the Bird Talk issues, advertising the Dino toy. Thanks again JoAnn and Kermie(Yellow Naped Amazon) - Mississippi

I finally got a picture of Kermie with his new Nut and Bolt toy, (life�s too busy).. Thank you again for your special treatment... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, JoAnn and Kermie(Yellow Naped Amazon) - Mississippi
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