Beau (Cockatiel) - Montana

Hi Ann, They like the toys. The budgies haven't gotten accustomed to their new playgym yet, as they are often scared of new things, and need to get used to them. Beau, however, took to her playgym right away. She loves it! I thought she'd have to get used to hers a bit, but it certainly didn't take long. She has fallen in love with the Popsicle sticks used in your one of your toys. (And that's really good she's so occupied, considering she has plucking issues from living in a past home, and we'd love it if she stopped completely someday. Having her be interested in more toys is good.) Sorry I can't send any pics of the budgies on their playgym yet, but I have a few pics of Beau on hers. You can see she's playing with the Popsicle sticks. :) Thanks for the discount. I'll be using it sometime in the future, as I have your website bookmarked - I just am not sure when. (Those paper roll toys look like fun.) Ellie, Beau, Cheerio and Yellow(Cockatiel and Parakeets) - Montana

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