Brodye (Triton Cockatoo) - Maryland

Ann, Brodye and Rudy love their new toys which has been bringing them hours of enjoyment. Attached are two photos (Brodye, Triton Cockatoo and Rudy, Senegal) playing with their toys for you photo gallery. Rudy is somewhat of a perch potato preferring to sit on humans and is usually fearful of any toy. Although he was afraid to go near the small birdie bagel toy he is starting to warm up to them. That is progress. It took over 2 years to get him to play with any toy and some, to this day, he still won't go near. He is not afraid of anything humans might have even if they are 10 times his size. Go figure. Looking forward to your monthly newsletter. Have a great weekend. Dot, Brodye and Rudy (Triton Cockatoo and Senegal) - Maryland

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