Featherbrite Full Spectrum 6w UV Bulb and LED UV Bulb

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The LED wave has been hitting the world lately. Now your Feathered Friend can join on this new lighting innovation with the Featherbrite Full Spectrum 6w UV Bulb and LED UV Bulb. Full spectrum LED light emits light in all parts of the visual spectrum. To be a full spectrum bulb, the color temperature must be 5000K or greater, and the CRI must be at least 90. A standard fluorescent bulb generally only has a CRI of between 60 and 75, which means the intensity of the source of light is much lower, the temperature is cooler, and there is a noticeable difference or dulling of colors when objects are placed under a standard bulb. Keeping to those standards, the Featherbrite bulb comes quite close to being a source of natural light for your bird, and the differences, not just visually, but in the demeanor and general health of your bird are vast. This new bulb is 5500 kelvin on the color scale which is identical to the previous Featherbrite spiral compact bulb. It is 660 lumens (like a 60w incandescent bulb or 18w cfl bulb) and a rated life of aproximately 30,000 hours. The LED UV bulb is 400 nanometers and 1.5 watt which is a perfect low dose (.04%) UV bulb because it eliminates the worry of how long to use the bulb. You can leave the LED UV bulb on all day and all night if you want to use it as a moonlight. It is a blue/violet light so it is soothing for night fright also. The LED UV bulb is to be used along with the 5500k LED full spectrum 6w day bulb for optimal results. Both the LED full spectrum day bulb and the LED UV bulb used together is 8% UVA and .04% UVB which simulates sunshine without anything harmful for your Feathered Friend. The LED UV bulb has a candelabra base so if you would want to use this is a standard lamp socket it will not work. Please note: Both bulbs need to work together in order to have the affects of Full Spectrum Lighting. I change my bulbs annually to make sure they are giving off the correct Full Spectrum lighting regardless of whether they burn out or not. Also, for those who have an existing Featherbrite Lighting Fixture there is a Converter Kit that you will need to purchase for your first time converting your existing light. The conversion kit will work with all Featherbrite Capital lights styles including the Capital Swag Light Important: These bulbs will not work unless you convert your existing Featherbrite light. Unfortunately the Converter Kit WILL NOT WORK in the Featherbrite Pagoda style lights.
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