FunTime Birdy on Animal Planet's - Your Pet Wants This Too

We were so pleased and excited that on November 27th 2010, Animal Planet had our birds Kiwi (Double Yellow Headed Amazon) and Buddy (Severe Macaw) on a show called "Your Pet Wants this Too". They were featured doing their tricks using the FunTime Birdy Ring Toss, Mango Basketball Hoop, Mango Winger Skateboard, Mango Champion Racer and Mango Winner Circle Roller Skates. There was also a short interview with me (Ann Zych). In the video you can also see me reminding Buddy how to play basketball by putting the basketball in my beak (mouth) LOL. Not my best TV moment. (LOL) Scroll down to see Buddy and Kiwi's famous TV appearance.

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