Tweetie (Lovebird) - New Jersey

Hey Ann, Tweetie finally came out of the cage all on his own and played with the gym like there was no tomorrow. Tweetie loves those chains and was dangling all over them. I was afraid to take an action shot because knowing the scaredy cat, he would have run back to his cage. Tweetie played for a while, then took a nap, then actually came out and came to me and was walking all over me. A total difference in the Tweetie from a week or two ago. Thank you again for the amazing and unique playgym. I keep telling everybody about your store! You are so wonderful and the customer service is great! Thanks Jessica and Tweetie (Lovebird) - New Jersey

Hey Ann, I FINALLY got Tweetie in some action shots with the gym. He absolutely loves it!!! Thanks Jessica and Tweetie (Lovebird) - New Jersey

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