Charlie - Parakeet

On July 14th 2018, Charlie our wonderful amazing Parakeet passed away in his sleep at the age of 4 years old. We are just so heartbroken....Charlie was so amazing and the complete package...gentle, trusting and tame and had the amazing ability of speaking human well. We miss you so much Charlie...we made a tribute video to you....You will be truly missed and in the 4 years you were here you brought so much love and joy to our lives....Till we meet again my sweet boy. This is Charlie our new Parakeet who we brought him home on July 3rd 2014. He is now 4 years old. Charlie loves to play. From the very first time I gave him a new toy he hopped right on and started playing. Charlie also talks. He says "Charlie" "Charlie is a pretty Bird" I have had Parakeets all my life and Charlie is the first one that ever talked. Charlie is just such a friendly little Parakeet even our vet's office just wanted to hug and cuddle him. Charlie also gets along well with all his brothers and sister. He loves his brother Kiwi the most.

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