Phantom - Quaker (My Mom's Quaker)

This is my Mom's Quaker Phantom. He is 11 years old. He has "Happy Feet". When he gets excited he just loves to do a dance. He can also throw kisses to everyone. Phantom has learned a new trick. He plays with his FunTime Birdy Ring Toss his way......that is he does not put the rings on but he throws the rings off into a bucket. My mom is so proud of him...he is just so talented. Check out his video below.

Unfortunately, Phantom passed away from cancer on October 12th 2011. Just 3 months after his 11th birthday. He is so very missed. We have created a tribute video to him to share all his happy memories. Phantom we miss and love you!!! Fly Free till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge!! Watch Phantom's Tribute Video

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