Le'a (Yellow Naped Amazon) - Arizona

Hi Ann, Here we are? both birds are off to a great start. This is our second day? third 10-ish minute session each. (Less time for Arie ? he’s not yet an expert learner (focus) like Le’a.) As you know, the point of teaching a bird to skate is not for the sake of a bird roller-skating, it is an opportunity for the learner to use their mind and body. Using skates is not a natural behavior however problem solving certainly is. This activity is very enriching and gives us another chance to communicate and enjoy time together! Thank you for offering good quality reasonably priced skates! All the best, Barbara Bingham Deutscher - Certified Professional Bird Trainer (CPBT-KA) Harmony Animal Behavior and Le’a and Arie (37-year-old Yellow Naped Amazon, Rambo (Arie) 10-year-old Scarlet Macaw) - Arizona

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