Buddy - Severe Macaw

This is our Severe Macaw Buddy. He is 22 years old. He is such a quick learner. He loves to cuddle and get his head rubbed. He will break out into hysterical laughter when we rub his head. Whenever he wants to be picked up he will do a little dance and repeat "up up" till we pick him up. Buddy has recently learned how to play basketball. He is really good at it. He learned how to play in a little less then a month. His nick name is "Little Shaq with Feathers" Buddy was also featured on Animal Planet's "Your Pet Wants This, Too" on November 27th, 2010. He performed his famous basketball dunks as well as showing off his Ring Toss skills and trying out some skateboarding. Scroll down a little to see the Animal Planet video as well as all the videos of Buddy in action.

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