Sheena of the Jungle African Grey/Amazon Bird Toy

Item#: J029

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This bird toy will definitely bring out the "Jungle" in your feathered friend. I named this toy after a friend's African Grey named Sheena. He told me Sheena is very, very picky and does not like many bird toys. He said "if she plays with this then you know you have a winner." Well....she loved it! So, I decided to name the toy in her honor. This is a great bird toy for wood chewers of the experienced type or for those who are just starting out and finding their "inner chew" for the first time. Bird toy measures: 12" Long by 10" Wide and contains wood chews, jumbo beads and tropical tubes. Strung on super safe Poly Rope with a small amount of chain from top of toy to the base. Ideal bird toy for Amazon Parrots, African Grey Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Pionus Parrots, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Goffin Cockatoos, Severe Macaws and...all similar sized birds
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