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FunTime Birdy Bird Toys for Parakeets, Small Lovebirds, Small Parrotlets, Finches, Canaries and...all similar sized birds are a one of a kind experience for your feathered friend(s). Our uniquely designed bird toys are bird tested, bird approved and handmade in the USA. All FunTime Birdy Bird Toys are made with bird safe materials. At FunTime Birdy we realize that play time is an important time for each parrot, big or small. Remember not all birds are "Players" and may take their time getting accustomed to playing with bird toys. Sometimes birds enjoy different types of bird toys so check out our Shreddable Bird Toys, Foraging Bird Toys and Bird Foot Toys for Parakeets, Lovebirds and Parrotletts. Don't let your Bird be a Perch Potato!®
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