Baby (Sun Conure) - Texas

Good Morning Ann, We received the playgym on Friday. Once I opened it and put it together, Baby went crazy. She played and played and was totally exhausted that evening! I will take a picture and send it to you this week. Thanks so much! Also, Baby loves the free goodies you included in the package. Thanks again. You've made a little bitty Conure very happy! Lorna and Baby (Sun Conure) - Texas


Good Morning Ann, As promised, I'm sending a picture of Baby playing with her new play gym. She loves it! She is such a mommy-baby and wants me all of the time. Yesterday I set the play gym on the kitchen table while I cooked. She was so content and happy! I'm sending another picture via separate email with her chew toy...the stick-things....she loves them too! Lorna and Baby (Sun Conure) - Texas

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