Mango (Sun Conure) - Puerto Rico

Hello Ann, I just received Mango's Playgym yesterday. The package was wrapped beautifully, thank you so very much! You have provided a very professional service with great communication. Well done! I will be back! : ) Kindest regards, Cheryl and Mango (Sun Conure) - Puerto Rico


Hello Ann! Thank you for checking in on our progress. Mango just LOVES his new playgym! He plays on it from every direction including hanging upside down from the dangling toys and on his back. It gives me a bit of a breather, too! ; ) ...if you know what I mean.. otherwise he's hanging on to me or chasing me around the I can get things done with him occupied and happy on his playgym. Here are some pictures of Mango enjoying his new playgym. Kindest regards, Cheryl and Mango (Sun Conure) - Puerto Rico

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