Pepe (Umbrella Cockatoo) - California

Hi Ann, Pepe is loving his new toys very much. He was a little hesitant at first but now he has gotten use to them and enjoys playing very much with them. My only problem now is the clean after the mess he likes making lol. He hasn't really started chewing on the straws, but he sure is enjoying playing with the plastic fish one. He seems to be doing better with his feathers I haven't seen any plucking so far and I am taking your advice in ignoring it (Not giving him attention when he is plucking). It has been a little difficult because I don't want him hurting himself. I put two pictures of him on Facebook. I am sending them as an attachment so you can post them up on your site. Thank you very much for all the wonderful ideas and tips. You have been extremely helpful. Best wishes, Ivette and Pepe (Umbrella Cockatoo) - California

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