Wood Bird Toy Parts
Parrots love to chew wood and lots of it.

Wood bird toys rank among the favorite things for parrots to play with and enjoy.

FunTime Birdy wood toy parts are bird safe and colored with non-toxic water-soluble food coloring.
Matching Products: 12
Small Wood Slice (Set of 13)
Code: bpw005
$5.59   $7.99

Medium Wood Slice (Set of 13)
Code: bpw006
$8.49   $11.99

Swiss Cheese Wood Slice (Set of 13)
Code: BPW012
$8.99   $11.99

Large Wood Slice (Set of 13)
Code: bpw007
$10.99   $14.99

Balsa Wood Squares for Parrots
Code: bpw011
$4.99   $6.99

Balsa Fries (Set of 12)
Code: BPW13
$4.59   $6.99

Yucca Parrot Chips
Code: KK20021
$12.99   $16.99

Wood Chunkies (Set of 13)
Code: bpw008
$12.99   $17.99

X-Large Wood Chunkies (Set of 4)
Code: bpw009
$15.99   $21.99

Hole Lot of Fun Wood (Set of 13)
Code: bpw010
$12.59   $16.99

Jurassic FunPack Bird Toy Parts
Code: bpf002
$13.99   $19.99

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